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Meet the Characters

Meet Lawrence

Name: Lawrence McGlynn
Snapshot: Age 52, at the start of The Human Spirit Trilogy. Lawrence is 5’ 10”, Gemini and has an old fashioned, dowdy appearance. He speaks slow clear English with a polished Yorkshire accent and comes across as ‘the man in the street / bloke next door’.
Five Words: Generous – dependable – practical – consistent – confused
Lifestyle: Lawrence used to play golf and go for long walks with Trigger, the family Golden Retriever. He is now taking medication for increased blood pressure and high levels of blood sugar, classifying him as Type II Diabetic. His wardrobe is largely out of date sports shirts and trousers that are a tight fit.
He is disappointed in himself at not keeping up appearances and is having to make do with shoes that are slightly scuffed and shirts a bit frayed round the collar.
Temperament: Like many Geminis, Lawrence can be serious, ambitious, a strategic thinker, well organised but the fun side will always take over. He is happiest being playful, imaginative, generous, kind-hearted, humorous and enthusiastic. He can come across as a bit of a dreamer.
Family & Early Career: Lawrence is a Yorkshireman. He was an only child, born in a terraced house not far from the cricket ground in Headingley, Leeds. It was a working class family. Lawrence attended the local grammar school and graduated in English Language from Manchester University before starting a career in marketing. He met his wife Gayle in 1987. It was love at first sight and they had two children during their fifteen years together. Sadly it didn’t work out and he suffered a painful divorce. At one point he was taking an unhealthy cocktail of anti-depressants, blood pressure, blood sugar, statins, antibiotics and even sleeping pills.
If they ever made a film of his life, he would choose his part to be played by the Scottish Shakespearean actor Brian Cox.
In His Quiet Moments: Lawrence wonders how it all went wrong with his marriage. Is he now too old and set in his ways to make a fresh start? How is he going to trust anyone again, especially in a loving relationship? He wonders about his future career. He wants a new life, with a new partner but it would have to be someone he could trust. He knows he has so much more to give, to share, to create.The prospects of that new life seem a long way away.

Meet Hannah

Name: Dr Hannah Siekierkowski (pronounced Shaker- Koffski)
Snapshot: Age 49, at start of The Human Spirit Trilogy. Hannah is 5’ 9”, Scorpio, CEO of The Klinkenhammer Foundation for Medical Research based on 5 th Avenue in New York City. She was a leading oncologist before promotion into the Head of Cancer Research role. Following her most recent promotion she now runs all medical research facilities at the Foundation.
Five Words: Sassy – Independent – Intelligent – Blunt – Unforgiving
Lifestyle: Hannah plays squash on Fridays. Her one indulgence is a rigorous sports massage & sauna monthly at the gym. She only visits the hairdressers when she has to. She has no interest in shopping and has taught herself to eat Japanese food for health reasons. She drinks Pinot Gris in moderation, no strong spirits, has never smoked and doesn’t gamble or do drugs.
Temperament: Hannah is a typical Scorpio: independent, passionate, a deep thinker, resourceful, can be suspicious, loyal, competitive, dynamic, impatient, challenging, doesn’t suffer fools, sets very high standards for herself and her
team. There is a self-destructive streak and she is more than capable of stinging herself to death.
Family & Early Career: Hannah was born in the Greenpoint neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York City. Her heritage is a curious mix of German Catholic and Polish Jewish immigrant. Although she respects her family roots, she sees herself as very much Brooklyn born and bred. Dr Hannah Siekierkowski is single, a workaholic, has long since given up wasting time on men and values her privacy.
If they ever made a film of her life, the actress she would cast as herself would be Sigourney Weaver.
In Her Quiet Moments: Hannah wonders if she would have been a good mother and what it would have been like to be in a long term loving relationship with a man she respected and admired.
Above all, as she approaches the big 5-0, Hannah wonders where this life is taking her.


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