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Introducing The Human Spirit Series

The Human Spirit Series is a series of thrillers based on scientific discoveries in medicine, physics and biology. It allows fictional characters to live in our world and address the big issues facing humanity today. Each book is a stand alone novel and features the main characters of Dr Hannah Siekierkowski, a leading American oncologist and Lawrence McGlynn, a British project manager.

The pace of scientific discovery over the last century has accelerated. We now know more than we have ever known. And yet there is so much more to learn. Humanity as a species has an appetite for learning and discovery which is innate and which has created vast improvements in the quality of our lives and even life expectancy itself.

The Human Spirit Series will examine our staccato approach to progress as a species: it will celebrate our successes; it will feed the appetite that lies hungry for learning deep within each of us; it will inspire future breakthroughs in our understanding by examining the very human failings that are holding us back.

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The C-Clef

The C Clef is the first book in 'The Human Spirit Trilogy' and is on sale through

Faced with an epidemic of 13 million new cases of cancer, the World Health Organisation has offered a US$7.5bn reward for irrefutable proof of a scientific cure.

Leading oncologist Dr Hannah Siekierkowski discovers a secret buried in a London research laboratory that will change medical science and raise new questions about the cause of the disease.

It could save the lives of millions of innocent people. But she is not the first to make the discovery.

Now Hannah’s own life could be at stake as she uncovers acts of cruelty perpetrated in the name of medical science and faces a life-threatening dilemma within her own family.


A Litany of Good Intentions

A Litany of Good Intentions is the second book in 'The Human Spirit Trilogy' and is out now.

An end to world poverty is more than just a dream for young Chinese philanthropist Jock Lee. Through his charity connections Jock has discovered a way to release 2.6 billion people from the imminent threat of death and disease. Unpublished work by Albert Einstein helped unlock the scientific breakthrough that will remove the constraints of Third World living conditions and create a new age of global prosperity.

Dr Hannah Siekierkowski is a guest speaker at a conference in Sweden where Einstein’s legacy and a strategic alliance with Rotary will light up the world. But not everyone will prosper. As the clock ticks down to the announcement, Hannah is drawn into a web of corporate greed, racial prejudice and a seething hatred of the new world order.

A hatred that someone is prepared to kill for.



More food will be consumed in the next fifty years than all the food consumed throughout our history. It will support a world population explosion and create enormous wealth for the food industry. It will also turn diabetes into the biggest killer-disease on earth.

But how we will feed nine billion people without destroying our precious planet? How will we control our spiralling decline into obesity and addictive behaviours? When will we return to the values of a simpler life, to a world of community and social harmony? When will we throw off the relentless shackles of the consumer age and be truly happy again?

One man has the answer. He is already well advanced in achieving his dream. He will eradicate obesity, greed and diabetes. He will restore Christian values, reverse the threat of climate change and save the planet.

But not for the nine billion people living on it. Dr Hannah Siekierkowski and Lawrence McGlynn are faced with their most difficult challenge yet.

More is the third book in The Human Spirit Trilogy. It will be published in October 2018.


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